Read Across America

by walton


Yesterday was Read Across America Day. Hope you did some reading to someone somewhere. Being read to is awesome and, as you all no doubt know, reading does all sorts of wonderful things to your grasp of a new language far outside of just reading skills.

In honor of RAAD (Trying to spread that, though it would be a much cooler acronym if there was an E in there; Read Everything America Day, anyone?), here are some books I read recently or am reading or am planning to read in the near future.

It’s a representative blend of serious literature (TC Boyle is one of my favorite authors, Nabokov a close second), trashy but semi-literary books, amusing non-fiction about politics and, professional stuff. That’s usually how my reading breaks down (Comments with Recommendations always appreciated)

And I just saw my favoritest ever book in the bookstore from when I was a wee little bairn! The Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day always made me laugh hysterically, and it still does. That’s a great one to read to kids. To this day, I don’t understand what was wrong with the picture of the invisible castle!