Arlo Who? or Thanksgiving What?

by walton


After the last post, I got a burst of nostalgia for Arlo Gutherie, so I googled a place where you can download the song Alice’s Restaurant for free.*

It’s an American classic for Thanksgiving, especially among long-hair liberal hippe types and probably the only Thanksgiving Day song we have. Can you think of any others? Alice’s Restaurant is a story-song and I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s really funny and very clever. And some radio stations make a point of playing it on Thanksgiving, so you might check that out wherever you are.

On the same note, I put up a lesson plan on food that goes perfectly with Thanksgiving Day, discussing the harvest ritual and the kinds of food we eat on that day. The lesson plans I have up are designed more for teachers than for students, but this one can be done by yourself or with some friends.

In any case, I hope that if you are in the States this Thanksgiving, you have a nice invitation to a Turkey Day dinner! It’s a nice little part of American culture.


* I don’t know if this site is legal or not so check with your lawyer and/or your conscience before downloading it. If in doubt, go to the iTunes store or something and buy it there!