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An archive of all activities and lesson plans on English Advantage by date order. All content is original and developed by me, and I try to give credit for anyone who inspired me or whose ideas I borrowed. You are free to use any lesson plans or activities in any way you like, to print out, download, modify, or link to anything on this site. However, please do not post any of my lesson plans on your site or present any content as if it was your own original work. Thanks.


This is a fun Halloween lesson plan that includes a lot of different kinds of activities, talking about Halloween traditions, learning the vocabulary of monsters, and reading and telling scary stories. The activities can all be used separately of course.

Land Called Paradise

This is a lesson based on a movie by Muslim American filmmaker Lena Khan. She took a song by Muslim-American singer and songwriter Kareem Salama and made a sort of unofficial music video by asking Muslims what messages they wanted to send to the US about Islam. It’s a really funny and touching short film that should generate a lot of discussion as well as providing comprehension activities in listening and watching movies. Students can also make a project of doing a similar film to spread their message to the world.

Culture Role Play

This is an activity that that I adapted from the US Peace Corp’s clasroom guide, Building Bridges. Students role play two different cultures and interact with each other. Then the class can discuss how cultural differences can be misinterpreted. The activity was originally designed for students in the US and I changed it around a bit to make it more accessible to ESL learners of all levels and to make it more universally appropriate.

Comparatives and Superlatives

A couple of activities to help students practice the comparative and superlative forms. This lesson doesn’t teach those forms; it’s just to give students a chance to use them.

Compare and Contrast Signal Words

A long and comprehensive list of Compare Contrast Signal Words categorized by grammatical function. It helps students to use although, however, similarly and both..and correctly. I’ve also included some ways to use it in the classroom.

Highlighting Essays: Compare and Contrast

Highlighting essays helps students see the structure of the essay. When they highlight the thesis statement, topic sentences, examples and conclusions, the key structural elements of the essay will literally jump off the page at them.

Here’s an essay I wrote to show students the structure of a compare and contrast essay. I was getting tired of reading body paragraphs like this:

Sentence Auctions

This is one of my favorite ways to review grammar before a test. Students really enjoy the quick pace they need to evaluate sentences and it does wonders to fix common mistakes in their minds. Plus a

A set of sentences with some correct and some incorrect. Be sure that the mistakes reflect common mistakes students make. Keep it at level. I prefer to make slightly more incorrect sentences than correct but that’s just me.
Some samples I’ve made that you are welcome to use or adapt:

Present Simple Sentence Auction for beginners
Parallel …Continue

Lesson Plan for a Darkened Classroom: Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Last year, Tailor Made English put up a lesson plan competition to plan a lesson for a classroom where the power had gone out 5 minutes before class. I was working on something about intonation and emotion but never finished it in time for the contest. I just found my notes so I thought I’d share them. These are just notes, so they’re a little sketchy.
I decided to challenge myself beyond the original challenge and imagine a pitch-black classroom! I was thinking that a classroom where students couldn’t see each …Continue

Speaking with Emotion

A way to help students speak more fluently with emotion. Many times students are focusing so hard on meaning and making mistakes and when they speak that they end up sounding like robots.

Tom’s Diner

A listening exercise where students listen to the song Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega and fill in missing verbs in the Present Continuous. Then students discuss the song and why the Present Continuous tense is used instead of the traditional past simple so it’s great for reviewing verb tenses. You can find the song on iTunes or almost any music download site.


Every textbook has a lesson for describing people. But I wanted a lesson plan designed for more advanced students that got into words like chin, forehead and eyebrows and also some expressions like, “He has a face like a truck”. So here are some worksheets and a lesson plan to teach more advanced expressions for describing what people look like.

To introduce students to advanced ways of describing appearances
To teach students which expressions are offensive and which are not
To give students practice using adjectives and expressions to describe people

Facial Features [PDF]
Adjectives …Continue

Fun Review: Bombs and Jeopardy

Two fun reviewing games: Jeopardy and the Bomb Game. Great for creating a little competition and helping students prepare for a test in a memorable way.

Randy’s New Friend

Randy makes a new friend. A reading that teaches possessive pronouns in a reading text for beginners and young learners, and also introduces Katie, the diamond-loving cat.

Randy and the Shiny Pizza

Meet Randy the Raccoon in this reading lesson, and find out why he loves shiny things and what he does when he goes to the dumpster.

Randy and the Nobel Prize

Randy makes an important scientific discovery and writes to the Nobel Prize Committee. But he doesn’t get an answer!