Christmas Tree Ornament

Is there any better place to turn to start a discussion of a holiday than the Charlie Brown special about it? This comprehension and discussion lesson plan has students watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, discuss the true meaning of Christmas, and also be introduced to traditions like the Christmas pageant and snowball throwing!

Note: This video does quote the Bible and while it does not preach, the religious meaning of Christmas is referenced as are parts of the birth of Christ. Some students might not be comfortable discussing such things so do be sensitive.


  • Students will learn about traditions surrounding Christmas in America.
  • Students will be able to discuss different meanings of Christmas.
  • Students will be able to discuss the commercialization of Christmas
  • Students will have fun watching a fun cartoon.


  • Video of A Charlie Brown Christmas (Amazon link)  I'm sure it can be found with a quick YouTube search although I'm not sure of the legality of that.
  • My lesson plan which I have moved to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can purchase and access it there.