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You have tried to access premium content on English Advantage

NOTE: If you have already paid for a lesson and now cannot access it, click here.

English Advantage offers a lot of free content. But some of my premium content is, frankly, a little too good to just give away!

There are two options for buying content on English Advantage.

  1. First of all, Culture Shock is by far my most popular lesson. So I'm offering that separately for US$0.99 a year (less than a dollar).If you want access to that lesson, click this button here to be whisked away to Paypal.
  2. For a slightly higher fee of US$9.99 a year, you can have access to all paid content on English Advantage, past and future (including Culture Shock!). A list of all the lesson plans included can be found here. If that sounds more your thing, click the button down below.

I really do appreciate your support and I understand if no one chooses to buy anything. I'll still provide free materials here and there. But I feel my work is high quality and worth some money. Also, I do work hard to resolve any issues, that come up and get you what you paid for.

Due to some huge problems with the old system of protecting lesson plans, namely no one could access lesson plans after they paid, I have moved to a new plugin that is far more widely used and should be a lot more reliable. Unfortunately there is no easy way for me to give access to all my old users. I suspect most of my paid users were one time users and you already downloaded whatever you needed to download.

However, if you have already paid for a lesson plan and now cannot access it, please contact me. I will confirm that you did pay and then open access for you on the new system. I apologize for the inconvenience.

5 thoughts on “My Membership Options Page”

  1. I cannot figure out how to access the “paid member” part of your website! Please advise…(I paid through PayPal…)

  2. I got to this page while clicking on an IELTS worksheet/lesson on your other pages. This page doesn’t tell me if it’s on IELTS. Do let me know. I’m interested to purchase if it’s on an IELTS worksheet/lesson. Thanks.

    1. This is the payment page. My IELTS lessons are part of a whole package of paid lessons for $9.99. The full list of lessons is here: . I do add to them from time to time but not as often as I would like :(

    1. Hi,
      You should have gotten an email detailing how to login and access the lesson plan. Check your spam box as it might have gone there. Otherwise, I can reset your password and contact you directly.

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